Class Descriptions


Tap dancing is a series of controlled rhythmical sounds made with tap shoes and gives you a sense of rhythm ...
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Hip Hop Funk

One of the most popular dance styles today rooted in the street dance. Focus on rhythm and musicality. This is ...
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Telling a story thru movement using a combination of ballet and Jazz. This dance style uses technique along with kicks, ...
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We will incorporate all styles of Jazz which includes funk/hip hop, commercial style broad-way. Fun up-beat music while learning proper ...
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Is the foundation of all dance forms. Students will learn proper body alignment, balance, flexibility, agility, and technique through barre ...
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Kinder Dance

Ballet/Tap combo – This gives you the fundamentals of ballet and tap. It’s a fun class teaching rhythm, musicality and ...
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  • Privates & Semi-privates available

  • Choreography – Need a choreographer for talent shows, auditions, etc. Please reach out to Miss Lisa.

  • Accelerated/Advanced Dance Classes – This is for the student who has shown a great understanding of the basics and wants to take their dancing to the next level. This level will be a performance troupe. Some traveling for workshops and possible competitions. (Ages 6 & up). Auditions will be required for this group. (For more information please reach out to Miss. Lisa)